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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Simply Writing, Relatively

Part I

It was unbelievable! A memory I shall experience for the rest of my life. This godlike being, with an infinite amount of patience, going about the task of creating. With a perfection beyond description, it wielded the instrument of its work. Herculean strength held aloft this mightiest of weapons, yet with such gravity-defying grace that it seemed to glide over this tabula rasa and alter it into something alive and beautiful. Dreams and lives and experiences sprung up, where once there was a cold bleak vacuum.

Part II

What gall! This was perhaps the most insulting thing I have ever perceived. Its outrageousness is only outdone by its insignificance. A gnat purported to actually scribble some gibberish and claim that this was creation of some sort. Unstable and rough in its handling of things, it was most assuredly the most clumsy sentient in history. Its meager efforts only added chaos and unruliness to existence. However, dreams and lives and experiences did spring up, where once there was a cold bleak vacuum.


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