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Thursday, July 07, 2005

God's Endgame

Where Humanity Stands, and How History will Play itself out.

The End.

I always wanted to start a book like that.

That’s what this document is about. The fabled End of Days. What does it mean and why we’re heading there fast, for very logical and natural reasons.

To understand The End, we really need to start at the beginning. If you’re getting confused already, hang on – eventually things will become clearer.

Let’s assume you believe in a higher force, a greater consciousness, a benevolent almighty being that probably had something to do with the creation of our universe. Many people may refer to such a being as God. A mock-religion, based on a George Lucas film may call it The Force. Whatever title one wants to give such a being, we will use God as it’s a fairly universal and broadly recognized name.

Now let’s say this God guy -- I apologize to the ladies and feminists, but God has been called Him for so long and it’s easier than writing He/She/It – anyway, He is hanging around, all powerful, but kind of lonely and wants to sort of share the universe with someone. So he creates Man. Now Man is an interesting creature. Man was purposefully and uniquely given Free Will, the ability to distinguish and act on between Good and Bad. You do Good, you get closer to God (you become his Buddy), you do Bad, you distance yourself from him (maybe he’ll send you some holiday greetings).

That’s a summary of Religion and Theology 101. Now we can move on to the next step.

Until several thousand years ago, Man was pretty savage. Life was short, mean, brutal, and there was no MTV. But wait, God has a plan. He has a secret conspiracy to raise pre-historic man from the caves to a better, brighter, gentler and more enlightened state – but here’s the catch – He can’t be obvious about it. If He’s caught, that sort of short circuits the whole Free Will business, and then Man couldn’t become the type of Buddy God would like.

So God’s got to take it real slow, and be real careful, and he can’t be too obvious – because if people say “Hey, yeah, I had a flat tire the other day, and out of nowhere some old geezer with the voice of Charlton Heston, came flying out of the sky and zapped the tire into shape, and said he was helping out because I was such good person”, well that would give the game away and everybody would believe in Him, so it would be a no-brainer to do Good.

There needs to be enough doubt. There need to be enough skeptics. There needs to be enough apparent Evil in the world for people to reasonably be able to doubt the existence of a benevolent God. That’s our world.

The movie The Matrix, touched on this theme (as well as on a heck of a lot more). One previous incarnation of the Matrix had such a ‘nice’ life for people that Man couldn’t handle it and died. Man needs to struggle, needs dark to appreciate light, evil to appreciate good, and so on and so forth.

About six thousand years ago, our records indicate, God took a noted step. He spoke to Man. Let’s call this First Man that he spoke to Adam. Adam was pretty clueless about things. God introduced him to His world and gave him an indication of His Plan.

Since then, things have been developing in multiple areas and it seems that the developments have been accelerating at an exponential rate.

The rest of this document attempts to track down these developments from a bird’s eye view of six thousand years. Once the patterns become clear, it is apparent where we are in the scheme of things, where we are headed and how long (approximately) it will take us to get there.

There are five general areas that we will be tracking and in each one we will explain further:

World Religions

Political Organization


Economics/Daily Life

God’s Agents


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